Sunday’s Stylish DIY

We spend so much time thinking about how to make the rooms such as a kitchen or a living room the best rooms yet. Which would totally make sense especially since It’s the places where we spend most of our time. We spend time alone but we mostly spend time with friends and family. It’s where we host parties or dinners and it’s where most of the memories are made. However, It’s important to keep the other rooms around the house in mind. What about your daughters room? Her room is especially important to her and her friends. How about outside? We talked a little about an outside decor idea in a past blog post but there are so many more possibilities. Well this Sunday’s DIY is all about style and  will help you improve your outdoor patio and even your daughter’s bedroom.

The process is simple. First gather the three and ONLY THREE supplies needed. Follow the two and ONLY TWO step process and boom, style in seconds.


  1. Ping Pong Balls
    1. Ping pong balls can be found at so many local store. I found mine at Walmart. However they can also be found at grocery stores and other convenience stores.
  2. Exacto Knife
    1. I was having trouble finding this at Walmart but I do believe they sell them there. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby.
  3. Christmas Lights
    1. Walmart target, home depot, and so many more the possibilities are endless. But, I like my one stop shops so I found mine at Walmart.

Now the steps are so simple you’re going to think that you’re missing something. I’m telling you beforehand you are not missing anything! The steps are so simple just keep reading and you’ll see!


Step One:

Once all of your supplies are gathered, one-by-one cut a small hole in the top of each pong ball with the exact-o-knife.

Step two:

Push each light into each hole of each ball like shown in the picture. Once all of the balls are on the lights hang wherever you want to add style.

And there it is Sunday’s Stylish DIY. Who would have thought style could be so easy. Don’t forget to show us your work by posting it on any social media platform and tagging us @MooresPaintServices


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