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We have spent a lot of time talking about the importance of space, color and even furniture in a room. These are all very big and very important aspects in making a perfect and welcoming home. But there are many more smaller touches that can be made to your home to still leave a big impression on your guests. This weeks DIY Sunday is all about that small touch. We are going to show you a very modern, fun and easy way to add to your home with scrabble coasters.

Whenever you are a hostess it is always a good idea to cater to your guests. To make any experience more welcoming you should always offer food or beverages even if it’s something small or put together last minute. This is also very important to follow for family gatherings and/or parties. Offering a drink with your new scrabble coaster will leave each of your guests refreshed and impressed.

This project is simple first by any game of scrabble. These can be purchases at any local store like Walmart or Target. However, if you would like to go cheaper and hope for a more worn look Goodwill’s or local flea markets all over could have some old scrabble games as well.Once you find a game with all the pieces available you will also need to get a hold of glue. This can be wood glue, super glue or even a glue gun. I prefer super glue just to make sure the glue is indeed super and keeps the pieces together. Lastly, you will need to buy a finishing gloss paint. This can also be found at stores such as Target or Walmart but I like to play it safe and go to the nearest crafting store. In my case that would be Hobby Lobby.

a98081_c14 3.jpg

Once all of these supplies are gathered just follow these three simple steps…

  1. Places letters in order to how you would want them. You can spell out works and have some upside down. The only restriction is try to keep the letters 4 by 4 as shown in the picture below.
  2. One by one glue each piece together. Then let dry for 1-2 hours.
  3. Finally, take your clear glossy paint and cover top of the coaster. Wait till it is fully dry then flip it over to cover the bottom. This will make it have a nicer finish and make them easy to clean.

And there it is. A small piece that will play a big roll.
Stay tuned for more DIY Sunday’s every week!



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