This Sunday’s DIY

Over the weeks we have spent a lot of time talking about different ways to improve your home. We have mentioned organizational tips, DIY ideas and even discussed the different colors you can choose to make your room appear just the way you want. All of these are very important aspect to your home but if you are anything like myself you like to entertain your guests by a nice bbq and pool party for the kids or even sitting by the fire on those cool fall nights. That is why I think it is equally important to have the best patio set up and back yard decor. My family has always lived in Nebraska meaning we are lucky (if you would) to have all 4 seasons.

During the different seasons and all the changes in heat, rain, and snow certain couches and clothed furniture can easily get ruined. That is when I began to explore the idea of having the fun, welcoming to entertain my friends and family but also provide seating that wouldn’t get ruined during the season changes. For that reason we use the tire seats. Below I have provided and step by step on how to make these simple tire seats that will look trendy and up hold the weather changes.


Supplies needed:

A tire (or many tires depending on the number of seats you plan to make)

One bundle of thick twine rope (one bundle for every 2 seats you plan to make)

A wooden board cut to fit and cover both top and bottom holes

A glue gun

A drill

Nuts and bolts

A paint brush

Clear coat paint


fd83fe067f7c6c568aca7f928799a05f 2.jpgStep 1: Lay wooden board on top of the tire. Make sure it covers the hole completely. Drill about 4-5 holes around the board also going through the tire. This is where you will use the nuts and bolts to hold the tire and board together.


Repeat to other side.


Step 2: Once both sides are cover you will then wrap your rope and glue gun and begin gluing the rope on to the soon to be seat. Start in the middle of the board and wrap the rope around itself until the entire seat is covered.


Step 3: Now that the seat is fully cover there is only one more thing to do. Paint a thin coat of the clear coat paint around the seat. This will help prevent the rope from getting fringed and itchy.


Step 4:(optional) You have now complete the main steps to creating this new trendy and weather stable seat. You can add color to the outside by painting it or even throw a couple pillows on to help make it softer and have more unique touch.
I hope you enjoyed this weeks DIY. Make sure to show us how your DIY projects turn out by tagging us in your pictures or mentioning us in the comments. Username is @moorespaintservices.



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