Why You Should Ditch The Nightstand

Similarly to what we’ve talked about in our earlier blogs the space of the room can seem smaller or larger depending on the paint on the walls and the type of decor and furniture you may have. If you missed this blog just refer back to you page and read, “How to Make a Room Appear Larger”. Although the color on the walls and the decor can help being more open space to a room organization plays a huge role in providing more open space in a room. Plus, it makes things a lot easier on you when you are looking for something or cleaning up.

One of the biggest changes to making any room have just a little more space is by adding shelves. You’d be surprised by how simple this change can be. It also can as to your decorations. Although shelves can help by giving you extra room to place things, store things and even hang things it can easily be turned into a artsy addition to any room.

The first place a shelf can be added to make more room is next to your bed. This is very similar to an end table but takes up little to no extra space like a end table would. End tables come in all shapes and sizes and generally these sizes are big enough to fit a couple pictures a lamp, a book, and a phone and still you would be able to see the table top. What if I told you that would all still be possible to have next you your bed with a bedside shelf that takes up no extra space. Well, you’re in luck because I’m here to tell you how you can do this.

Start by ditching the pictures. Not completely but if you were to hang them on your walls to make a wall gallery your room will not only have more space but it will look more decorative. This will provide more room on your bedside shelf and you will have a new decoration to add to the walls. Next your lamp, shop around for a hanging lamp these are nice because you can un hang them and move them around as is they were a flashlight. This will also make the reach to turn it off at the end of the night less of a stretch since it will be right next to you. The rest is simple. You just place it on the bed time shelf. That book your phone even your glasses can all fit on this shelf that is right next to you. It’s easy, it’s spacious and it’s artsy. So why you tell me why shouldn’t you ditch that old nightstand?Shelf.jpg



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