DIY Pillow Makeover

Moore’s Paint Service thinks that aside from the paint color of a room, decor is also a huge factor in making any room come together and add the finishing touch. It can be easy to throw things together to add that special touch. The easiest way to add to your decor is by adding pillows. Pillows can change any room or add to any room to make if feel more full, decorative and homey. There are many different sizes and themes of pillows you can choose from when looking to buy for any specific holiday or to fit in with other pillows on multiple types of furniture. But it can be a hassle store pillows you aren’t currently using or always buying more to switch things up. Because a new pillow is all you need to change up the look of a room even just a little bit. With that being said out DIY project we would like to share with you is the pillow makeover.

If you follow these steps we promise that you will have more use out of those pillows that are sitting in storage, you will be able to change the look of a room more often, and you will be able to make a pillow the way you want it.

So, here it is: The Pillow Makeover.

Step one:

Buy a cut of fabric that you think would match a room or piece of furniture that this pillow will be added to. Remember that this fabric will need to fully cover each side of your pillow. Making sure that the fabric is cut 3 times the height of the pillow and 4.5 time the length of the pillow you plan to give a makeover.

IMG_0268 (1).PNGStep Two:

Wrap the pillow in your cut of fabric and make sure each side is fully covered. Thee will then extra fabric on the sides since it is cut to be longer than the actual pillow. This is good because we will use that leftover fabric in the steps. Now fold the extra fabric on the sides to form triangles, as shown in the picture to the right.


Step Three:

Fold in the corners in position where you can tie.




Step Four:

Tie each side into a knot and touch in the ends to avoid it falling apart.



Step Five:

Finished Product!





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