How to Upgrade Your Bedroom and Get a Better Nights Sleep

Ever wonder what you can do to get the good night’s rest you’ve been missing out on? I’m sure you’ve heard your friend say you need to eat certain food, take a hot shower or listen to a sleep machine. Now all of that might be true but what if there isn’t time to start a new routine or make time for the added shower? The answer is here. Instead of trying to arrange your entire day around getting a better night of sleep you can spend one day planning for better sleep. On the plus side it is fun and involve redecorating your bedroom.

First things first, get rid of the technology. We hear it all the time looking at our phone before we go to bed or watching tv until we fall asleep actually doesn’t help it makes it harder for us to fall asleep and stay asleep. Less technology in the bedroom is better. So, take that T.V. down and put it in your basement or next to your window in the family room. This will help you get a better night of sleep and give the family an excuse to all gather together to watch T.V.

Your next step is changing your color scheme in your room to more calm colors. These are light needs or soft shades both cool and warm colors. There are plenty of possibilities just make sure you stay far away from anything bright or that you think would stand out. A perfect example would be a soft mocha color. To help you vision it a little better here is a photo.

mocha room.jpg


Last but certainly not least, our biggest suggestion is cutting clutter. I know what you’re probably thinking, “Well, that won’t be a problem my room is always clean.” but clutter can mean so much more than just messy. A lot of people like to get to carried away with decoration or adding furniture or wall decor to make the room feel more“full”. But too much of anything is clutter and it is easy to make any room cluttered when decorating. Moore’s Paint Service lives by the minus two rule. The minus two rule is taking away two things from any room. This rule will help rooms stay less cluttered and even seem to be bigger with more space.
The space you live in is very similar to your brain and what it needs to benefit you the most. Too much technology is not good for it. Calming spaces are needed to balance a crazy life. Most importantly if it is too cluttered there won’t be any room to think clear and escape the stress. Try it out and let us know if any of this helps you on our Facebook page



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