How To Change a Room When You Can’t Let Go Of That Special Couch.

Many of us have that one thing we can’t let go of and for some of us that one thing happens to be or furniture. It could be hard to let go because it has a special meaning or maybe you just bought it but you want to spice up the room with a new style. Whatever the reasoning might be, Moore’s Paint Services has your back. We are going to tell you the easiest way to keep that special couch and still add a huge change to your room.

There are many ways you can go about changing up the style of a room but the easiest way that we will be talking about is using accents. Accents are important for decorating any new room but they can change a lot with doing little. This solution can work for any color furniture that you might be wanting to keep. For this solution you should always refer to the color wheel which we have shown below.

Look at each color and find the color that your furniture is. You should then look to see what color is directly across the color wheel. For example, if your couch is red your color across the color wheel will be green. If it is yellow the color across will be purple, and so on. I know what you’re probably thinking, “Would those colors really look good together?” so we thought it would be best if we gave you a couple examples to show you how well complimentary colors go together.


However, it doesn’t stop there. You don’t need colored furniture for this to be your
solution. It only gets easier because accents can also work for neutral colored furniture like grey or black or white. It can even work for different shades of brown. When going off of a natural object for decorating the process becomes easier because the possibilities are endless. This can be a problem if you are terrible at making decisions. Neutrals are great because they are combined well with any color. They can go with pinks or greens or blue. The only thing you have to do is choose what one you want.

This can create an entirely different situation for you, but don’t worry because we still have your back just keep reading our blogs for different ways to help you chose a color and we will lead you on your way to having the perfect home.


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