How to Make a Room Appear Larger

At Moore’s Paint Services we receive a lot of questions from our clients about how to make their rooms seem bigger or what things they can change in how they decorate to open up the room. Today we’re going to give you the most important do’s and don’ts to choosing a color that will make your room appear bigger.

We’re going to hit the most common way people choose to make their rooms seem bigger. What is the most common way to make a room seem larger without literally tearing a wall down and extending the room you ask? Color scheme. Boom! Changing the color of a room makes it seem bigger? You bet it does!  When it comes to clothing everyone knows darker colors are slimming and make you appear smaller where the light colors and shade make you appear bigger. This idea works the same way with color schemes for rooms. If you use a darker color the room will appear much smaller, but a light color will open the room up and it will seem as if it has more space.

However, there is more to it than simply choosing a light color for your walls and calling it a day. A common mistake is when people think “Okay this light seafoam color will make my small living room appear bigger now. Let’s paint the ceiling and trim white to help our cause”. This is not what you should do. Something to remember, you should never paint your trim and ceiling white if your goal is to make the room appear bigger. This is because the white trim and ceiling will stand out allowing the edges of the walls to show their actual size.

Say the color you chose was the seafoam color that we had mentioned earlier. In that case, you would want to paint the ceiling a slightly lighter shade than your walls. For the trim? A slightly darker shade than the ceiling. This should make your walls the darkest, the ceiling the lightest and the trim right in between.

Our home is a place to entertain and make amazing memories with everyone in our life. Therefore, it is very important that we take the time to make sure others will feel welcomed and impressed by each room.



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