Mood is Everything and it all Starts With The Color

A new coat of paint could be all your house is missing to bring back that fresh feeling it once had. With there being so many colors to choose from, it can be an over whelming experience trying to find the perfect match. That is why I’m going to start by telling how just the color of a room can easily affect the mood of a person.

When choosing a color to paint a specific room, the mood is one of the most important things to consider. Each room should have a unique feeling to it just like each room has a unique reason for use. Here at Moore’s Paint Services we believe in this idea so much to the point that we even came up with a color swatch for each color scheme and connected it to how that color scheme will affect the mood of others. The idea came to us when we had a client who just could not decide on a color scheme for her remodeled kitchen. Her old Kitchen was a light blue color with white trim. It was painted like this when she first moved into her new home two year prior and she felt that two years was far too long.

That next spring they decided to remodel their kitchen with all new appliances and counter tops. In the process they heard about Moore’s Paint Team from a friend and were really impressed by our work. They decided to contact us with their request for an interior paint job not only did they want this newly remodeled kitchen repainted, but they also wanted them to repaint the three bedrooms in the house. The bedrooms were the easy part. The first bedroom being for the clients and the other two being their children. Each person from each room knew exactly what color they wanted but when it came to the kitchen the problems began.

They had a lot of light throughout the kitchen and making the kitchen seem more spacious wasn’t an issue. But why was the issue still so hard? The family brought it down to three color, yellow, green, and a different shade of blue. We mentioned to them that the color can be easier to decide if they knew what mood they wanted to set in their kitchen. We informed them that the most common mood desired in a kitchen is a fresh or nature feel but that’s not necessarily the what they need to choose. They decided with their new spacious kitchen being the most populated room in the house besides their basement they wanted people to feel joyful. We showed them the colors that related to that mood there were shades of yellow purple and even greens. With a little more departing they finally decided on a light olive green which related back to the fresh mood for kitchen and the happy mood that they desired.

From that point on Moore’s Paint Services now provides each client with the original color swatch that outline each color in order but also a color swatch that provides the mood that the room would most resemble and what rooms it would be best in.

You can check out our color swatch on our website now buy going to and choosing our new link “Mood Swatches”.


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